Hinchley's Dairy Farm

Since 1958

A family owned and operated Wisconsin Dairy Farm.

We provide educational farm tours that are guided throughout a REAL, WORKING dairy farm.

2023 Farm to Table Event

hosted at Hinchley’s Dairy Farm

Experience elegant dining that brings consumers and farmers together to explore modern agriculture and celebrating the food local farmers produce.  The ninth annual Wisconsin Farm to Table Event is being held at our farm for 2023 on Friday, August 18th and we would love to see you there!

Chef Chanse will be creating an elegant five-course dinner with local, fresh ingredients for a unique dining experience at Hinchley’s Dairy Farm Tours.
You’ll hear from him along with the local farmers who produced the food throughout the meal.
Don’t miss out, and get your tickets now! https://bit.ly/44VVNmD

Read more about the farm to table event at:


Welcome to Hinchley's Dairy Farm

Hinchley's Dairy Farm is clean and safe. The tour is hands on and family friendly. Come and see what farming is all about!

Every day at Hinchley's is new and exciting; often there are a variety of babies, from chicks to newborn calves, for you to observe and enjoy.

Duane & Tina Hinchley
Owners and Operators

Dairy Farm Tours

Tours will be held on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays with a required reservation.  We will be respectful of social distancing throughout the tour for your safety and ask that guests bring masks to wear; there will be sanitizer throughout the property to use.  Please call for availability or if you have further questions. 

*We are not able to accept credit/debit cards at this time, so please remember to bring cash or a personal check.  Call if you need help figuring out your estimated group cost.

Unfortunately due to limited staff, we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

Limited availability is expected, so please call/text us at (608)-764-5090 or email at tina@dairyfarmtours.com.

Tour Schedule:

Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays

11 am – 1 pm and 1 pm – 3 pm

Spring is a great time to visit the farm! Chicks and ducklings are hatching and are an amazing experience for all age groups to hold. Baby pigs, lambs, goat kids, and calves are playing around the farm.*  With so many baby animals, you may get a chance to bottle-feed and pet them.  With spring crops planted, you will get to experience a wagon-ride to see what is growing in the fields. 

Summer is time for harvesting alfalfa, which goes to making our cows their delicious food. While on a wagon ride you will get the opportunity to learn about the crops that we feed our cattle and what diet it takes to keep our herd happy and healthy.  The baby animals from Spring are growing up and can be pet and hand-fed.  Our turkeys, ducks, and geese love to wander around the farm, looking for puddles to play in and hidden snacks in the grass.  The flowers in our gardens attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Fall is when our other crops are drying out and ready to harvest. This is a perfect time to come and get a free pumpkin with admission, along with a wagon ride to and from the patch. 

*Usually we are bustling with a variety of baby animals to feed, hold, and pet; however we are unable to guarantee that we will have piglets, lambs, or goat kids throughout the year.  Plastic boot covers will be handed out to protect your footwear while visiting cows in the barn, but plan to dress for outdoor weather.

Everyone wants to milk a COW!

While on a farm tour plan on hand milking a cow, petting and feeding many farm animals and an antique driven hayride* to the fields to see corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa. Learn what happens to these crops and how they are involved in your life!


Meet our Animals

The Farm Tours spotlight the Holstein cows, but there are so many other farm animals to see and learn about too. While visiting the farm animals in the barnyard, you will learn about each type of species and also, food production, the progress of farming over time, and farm life.

Special Events

Make a Reservation Today! Scroll down to view our Regular Group or Family Tour prices and Registration

Birthday Parties

Farm theme birthday party includes a private dairy farm tour, hayride, and use of farm shed. Birthday carry-ins allowed.

Company Picnics

50-200 people company picnics, or family parties on the farm. Visit the animals and use the farm shed.

Farm Away From The Farm

We take some animals on the road for picnics, parties, and schools. Traveling with animals has a minimum of $300.

Amazing Experiences

Have you milked a cow today? Did you visit a barnyard of farm animals lately?
Would you like to have a Dairy Good Day at Hinchley's?

Went here for a Birthday and the person that showed us around was incredibly patient with all the kids and making sure that no one was left out of any activity that they wanted to participate in. 


Christopher Bell


I walked away with greater knowledge about working dairy farms and what is in our food. Absolutely recommend this enlightening, energizing and informative tour with Tina. Thank you!


Bev Biernat DeJovine


What a fantastic learning experience! My 8 year old granddaughter said it was the best day ever! We learned so much! Tina was so informative and patient. It was well worth the two hour drive.


Michelle Duffield


Have you milked a cow today?

Did you visit a barnyard of farm animals lately? Would you like to have a Dairy Good Day at Hinchley's?

Make your reservations today!

Admission Prices


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Group Rates (10+)

Book a tour today and come bottle feed young animals and enjoy harvest time on the farm. Hayrides free when weather permits.

less than 10 people

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Family Rates

A antique tractor driven hayride to the farm fields. An amazing experience for the whole family!

Hinchley's Dairy Farm

Reservations Required
Family Tours: 11:00 or 1:00
Group Tours: 9:00 - Noon, Noon - 3:00

Tours run for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours