About Our Farm

Hinchley's Dairy Farm is a REAL working dairy farm!

We have over 400 registered dairy cattle. We milk about 240 cows throughout the day with the latest milking technology every day of the year.

The farm is owned by my husband, Duane, and myself, Tina Hinchley. We live here with our twin daughters, Anna and Catherine. Our farm house is near the barn and we all work together everyday. Our two older sons, Curtis and Spencer,  have left the farm to pursue their life’s passion.  

Originally this was Duane’s family farm, and it was his father’s before him. Duane was raised here with two sisters and two brothers. His Mother Ruth, passed away in 1993, and his father, Keith,  just recently in April 2009. He was 80 years old and worked with us almost daily. He was our inspriration and an amazing father.  He is greatly missed by all of us.  Duane and I purchased the farm from him in the year 2000. 

Together with our children we have continued the legacy that has been left to us from Keith and Ruth.  We all strive daily to do the best that we can with all that we have, and are very thankful for the life we live. We have focused on making our farm productive and a great place for our animals to live with many accessories to improve their lives. The farm started with a small herd that was hand milked by Keith and Ruth, then automated milking machines, and now we have progressed to robotics where the cows are in control of when they want to be milked.


Great place to work

Work at one of the largest dairy farms in America.

Amazing Experience

Learn the ins and out of one of the business of farming and work with an exceptional team

Current openings

Dairy Herd Assistant working in a new robotic barn with 240 cows. Looking for an honest and energetic person that can fetch cows, feed calves, and other farm type work. Part time a few days a week and some weekend days from 7 am – 2pm.

Meet the Owners

Tina Hinchley

Owner & Operator
I have always loved the farm life and have enjoyed being on the farm raising our children and working together with Duane.

Duane Hinchley

Owner & Operator
Duane has always loved farming and has great motivation and enthusiam with this lifestyle.

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